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Workshop tickets are available to everyone and not just official ticket holders.

Notice: a workshop ticket allows entrance only to the workshop and not to the main halls (if you don't have an official ticket).

schedule TBD

By Tina Touli

Dive into the world of colourful liquids and typography, exploring the fusion of analog and digital possibilities.

Tina Touli_Z by HP_1.jpg

schedule TBD

By Radim Malinic

Uncover your creative magic, define success, build your brand, amplify connections, and nurture mental well-being in this transformative workshop.

radim-malinic-offftlv23- 00.jpg

schedule TBD

By Pangram Pangram - Valerio Monopoli

Learn to deconstruct styles, create custom fonts without relying on inspiration, iterate effectively, and describe type like a pro.

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