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TBD 09:00

Up to 4 hours

By Pangram Pangram - Valerio Monopoli

In the eight years since it was launched, the Canadian foundry Pangram Pangram has become a major point of reference in the typographic industry, releasing cutting-edge, trend-conscious fonts among the most used and loved by the design community. Among its most prolific collaborators, Valerio Monopoli, creator of fonts like Migra and Räder, which have been used by clients like Nike, Leica, Victionary, Taschen and many more.

Price 595 NIS

What to expect?

The participants can expect to experience an enhanced understanding of the type design process through the development of a series of sketches that could serve as a starting point for future typefaces.

What will you learn

How to break down typographic styles in visually meaningful and replicable elements.

How to respond visually to a briefing for a custom font without the need for “inspiration”.

How to iterate on an existing sketch and propagate key features throughout the project.

How to describe type beyond cliched or ambiguous terminology.

Who is it for?

Students and professionals interested in developing their descriptive and sketching skills in the context of type design.
A foundational understanding of typographical classification is highly recommended.

What to bring?

Any tool for sketching, whether digital or analogue.

Price 595 NIS

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