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Creativity For Sale

TBD 09:00

Up to 4.5 hours

By Radim Malinic

Radim Malinic is a creative director, designer and bestselling author. Living and working in South West London, he is the founder of Brand Nu Studio, an award-winning branding and creative studio + Brand Nu Books an independent publishing imprint. His mission is to empower the next generation of creatives to help them to start and grow creative careers and businesses, with invaluable advice on understanding and dealing with the highs and lows of creative life. Malinic’s books provide his readers with a proven and tested framework for finding success in their careers and with systems to avoid burnout, stress and negative impact.

Price 595 NIS

What to expect?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been going solo for a decade or starting afresh right now, this workshop will give you the right tools and direction to build a solid foundation for you to turn your dream into a reality. This session is based on the first-hand experience of running a long-term sustainable business, robust enough to withstand a global market crash, global pandemic and current economic recession, all done without compromising vision or creativity.

What will you learn

AUDIT - Looking back before looking forward. A review of a creative journey so far. of where you are right now and how you go here. We will aim to identify your magic formula (what makes you unique) and superpower (how you can achieve your goals).

DEFINE - Size up your expectations, and meaning of success, be honest with your hopes and fears, what are your obstacles, and scope out your long-term career vision.

BUILD - Foundation blocks of your personal brand, creative toolkit and building your trademark of creativity.

AMPLIFY - How to make meaningful connections with clients/employers / personal network of industry peers and mentors.

GROW - How to enjoy the journey. When ambition meets the reality of producing, managing and delivering work - it’s not often what we expected. Tips and techniques to look after mental health.

Who is it for?

This session will be for anyone looking to build a personal brand of creativity with a long-term career strategy. It is equally suitable for in-house employees, solo creatives, freelancers, and small business owners - at its heart, the workshop is designed to help attendees search for what makes everyone unique and how to dial it up.

What to bring?

Pen and notebook for note taking, a digital device (laptop or iPad) and your portfolio (If you have one already).

Price 595 NIS

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