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Studio Mut


Branding, Typography, Image making

Studio Mut is considered one of the most influential graphic design studios in Italy. The Studio Mut team consists of between three and five people, all of whom are designers. Their work includes identity, print, editorial and web design for clients spanning art, culture and commerce. They are known for their exuberant style, both in person and in their work, and for creating grand and colourful works with an air of both playfulness and seriousness. The studio is directed by Thomas Kronbichler, Martin Kerschbaumer and Anni Seligmann. Martin and Thomas are members of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), the association of the world’s leading graphic artists and designers. On a mission to educate on matters of design and to understand their own creative impulses, Anni, Thomas and Martin take part in conferences, panels and seminars, and give lectures and workshops at universities all around the universe.

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