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I’m Adi Ayali, also known as just Ayali. I’m a visual artist and designer with a long list of thoughts, ideas and things that I want to do which will probably never end. Whatever project I’m working on, I’m always thinking about what I want to say and how to make it fun, interesting and spicy.

ELLI is a textile design studio specialises in hand embroidery using varied materias- Textile, paper and metal.
Designed & Made in Tel Aviv.


Gelada is an illustration, design, production, and culture collaboration studio, based in Tel Aviv.


We create our own tees, prints & other paraphernalia, designing them as souvenirs from destinations around the globe & themes that inspire us.


KaRiniTi Studio emerged from a passion for paper. The design’s starting point is to reference numbers and text as shapes and illustrations, so that the outcome is a clean minimalistic typography design with a touch of handmade details or a distant memory. This combination creates our individual industrial products.

It's so exciting to create physical printed products like notebooks, calendars and much more especially nowadays where everything has a digital platform or an app.

We hope to inspire you to organize your stuff, grab that pen and start writing with style.


Kuchinate is an arts-based economic and psychosocial collective for African asylum-seeking women. Members earn a fair wage by designing and creating crafts rooted in African culture, and hosting events, crochet workshops and traditional coffee ceremonies. The women heal from trauma through art, community and therapy. Kuchinate has exhibited at major museums and galleries, building bridges with communities in Israel and abroad. Since its founding in 2011, Kuchinate has transformed the lives of hundreds of women.