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Media Monks


Immersive Experiences, Digital, Art direction, Technology

Media.Monks is the purely digital operating brand of S4Capital plc that runs the creative gamut. Drawing on a comprehensive range of integrated, end-to-end services across content, data, media, and technology, Media.Monks leads the world's most innovative and ambitious brands as they navigate the ceaseless transformation of digital. Representing a broad range of talent, they value digital-first thinking to deliver experiences that drive culture forward, from unearthing consumer insights via data to creating compelling content and ecosystems that serve them.
Liva Grinberga, a Design Director and expert in creative immersive experiences at Media.Monks, collaborates with a global team to produce exceptional work. Committed to mentoring and supporting professionals, she actively contributes to the design industry as a public speaker, advocate for mental health, and guest lecturer at universities across Europe. Liva's undeniable passion for knowledge-sharing and fostering inclusivity underscores her dedication to the industry.

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